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Who We Are

Paicho Pasal Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2071 ( April 29, 2014), head office located in Beletaksar 4,Gulmi registered as private enterprise in Company Registered Office under registration number 122036/2070/071. The company has physical presence in Gulmi, Palpa,  and Rupandehi district. Going to be establish in Arghakhanchi district very soon. Paicho Pasal was established by some young energetic personalities.   [more]

Objectives of the Company

  1. To provide daily using commodities to consumers and farmers of the rural areas at reasonable rates and exchange the products produced by farmers and entrepreneurs through valuation.
  2. Processing of products like fruits, vegetables, pulses, cash crops and herbs that are produced and collected by farmers and their safe storing [more]

Paicho Agriculture Fund

Paicho Pasal Pvt Ltd have started a 'Paicho Agriculture Fund' with an aim to motivate the farmers to make them involve in commercial and organic vegetable farming for quality production through distributing them agricultural equipment and seeds. The Paicho further plans to turn into Paicho Industry. [more]

Department store has been providing high cost services to elite groups and are more centered in cities. The middle class and low income families hardly visit department stores as they believe that the cost of commodities are high in comparison to common market.Paicho Pasal has transformed the concept and understanding of common people about department store. Paicho Pasal has materialized the concept of providing goods and services to people at affordable price. Paicho Pasal has been operating Department Store in 8 locations of Gulmi and Palpa districts, most of the locations are remote. The Department Store has been providing goods and services in affordable rates lower than the local markets.  The Department Store in Baletaksar, Digam , Ridhi, Hunga of Gulmi districts, Argeli of Palpa districts are  [more]

Paicho Products

  • Fresh Vegetable

  • Guava Jam

  • Apple

  • Juice

  • More


    Our Shoes Store

    Shoes Store

  • Mixed Vegetable

    Mixed Vegetable

  • Masaura


  • Mixed Pickle

    Mixed Pickle

  • Chuck Amilo

    Chuck Amilo

  • Lemon Pickle

    Lemon Pickle

  • Flour


  • Fruit Juice

    Healty Juice